Edited Collections

“Writing Sanctity Upon the Body: The Scarification of Incorrupt Saints in Anglo-Saxon Hagiography.” Disability and the Medieval Cults of Saints: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches, edited by Stephanie Grace-Petinos, Leah Pope Parker, and Alicia Spencer-Hall. Forthcoming.

Conference Proceedings

Baniya, S., N. Mentzer, D. Laux, A. Holtan, S. Farrington, C. Eden, D. Sherman, L. Zhang. “Creating Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching/learning Praxis with Design Thinking, Communication, and Composition.” Proceedings of ACM SIGDOC Conference, Oregon, Portland, USA, Oct 2019 USA. DOI:

Chesley, A., Parupudi, T., Baniya, S., Shawn Farrington, Aidan Holtan, Christy Eden, Dawn Laux, Nathan Mentzer. “Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, Integrated Curriculum, and Professional Development.” American Society for Engineering Education: IL/IN Regional Conference Proceedings, 2018.